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July 12, 2018 | Posted by

Now that we’re well into summer, many people are taking advantage of the warm weather and school breaks to go on vacation; of course, this generally means a bit of a slump in terms of business, especially for retailers. As people take time off from work and their daily routine to get some R&R, it can seem like an impossible task to reach out and keep them engaged with your brand. After all, a lot of people try to avoid email as much as possible when they’re away from work--and fo...

July 11, 2018 | Posted by

Email marketing is a field that all levels and sectors of business can benefit from, but of course the approaches, strategies, and methods vary at least slightly from one industry to another. Small businesses often find themselves ensnared in a mess when they first make the attempt to go about email marketing efforts on their own; they want the rewards that come with the channel, but there is a lot to know about the process, about strategies, and more--and small business owners often can’t...

July 10, 2018 | Posted by

While many people have come to view email marketing as a numbers game--segmenting audiences and tailoring messages to get the best results--there is always something to be said for the personal touch when it comes to the channel. While there’s no need to treat email messages and offers as if you were sending a quick message to a friend or family member, adding a bit of personality to your email campaigns is a good way to stand out, get noticed and--most importantly--get people to act. Site...

July 09, 2018 | Posted by

One of the most important choices brands can make is that of who will represent them and work with them on digital marketing efforts. Email marketing, being a cornerstone of the digital marketing process, is one of the biggest areas in which this choice can make a difference. But it can seem confusing to companies to try and find the best partner to work with. Here at Site Impact, we’re focused on making it easy for all of our clients, and that goes even for making it easy to find out who ...