Site Impact is On The Road! Sales Summit Going on Now June 17, 2019, | Posted by erin

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We are officially on the road with the Site Impact sales summit this week! Our first stop took us to Dallas, Texas, where kicked off our special series of events on Site Impact's email marketing and how to sell it to generate more revenue. We’ve been gearing up for this tour of seminars for weeks, and of course we’ve been sharing our excitement with you all--so if you haven’t already signed up for one of our future dates in Atlanta, Chicago, Philly or Washington D.C., there’s still a little time left for you to get in on the great half-day of information, strategy, and networking.

Our experts at Site Impact are excited to be bringing our “secret sauce” of information and prospecting, empowerment and strategy to anyone who wants to know more about selling email marketing to clients who need it; among the features of our summit, we’ve got Brandon Rosen and Dan Lansman, our top leadership at the company, to share insights on what has set Site Impact apart in the email agency. We also have Diane Hayes, our director of corporate training, along with Pamela Gressman, our senior account supervisor, to give you the full rundown on our strategies and systems: how we get prospects to understand the value email can provide their business and their bottom line, and how we make it easy for our clients to develop and deploy and monitor their email campaigns with us. Finally, we’re bringing in great friends Mike Blinder of The Blinder Group, and Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates to break down the data and how to use it.

All in all, we’re confident that the sales summit wmakes for a informative half-day, packed with plenty of opportunities to pick some of the finest brains in the industry for more information on how to sell email marketing. On the road through the end of the month, we are even looking at potential new cities to visit in the Fall.

If you missed out on us in Dallas, check in for one of our other upcoming dates this month at our registration site here. You can also ask us to come to your city to bring our combination of data, strategy, insight, and empowerment to you! Bring your questions and come ready to learn, because we are bringing the information to the masses, and we’re definitely ready for anything that you can possibly throw at us. Connect with us and find out how to effectively sell email marketing to your prospects, increasing their ROI and your sales!