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August 07, 2023 | Posted by

(Site Impact, Coconut Creek, Florida) – In honor of National Food Bank Day celebrated on September 1st, Site Impact held a company-wide food drive and donated to the Boca Helping Hands organization in Boca Raton, Florida. National Food Bank Day is a day to celebrate the generosity and impact of food banks across the country. Boca Helping Hands provides services to benefit individuals, families, and children during times of need, emergency, or crisis. Boca Helping Hands offers the resources...

July 14, 2023 | Posted by

Email marketing has been one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses over the years. However, with the ever-evolving digital landscape, relying solely on email marketing is no longer enough. That’s where multi-channel marketing comes in.   Multi-channel marketing refers to the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers, such as email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and more. Combining email marketing with other channels can increase brand ...

June 30, 2023 | Posted by

Companies and marketers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage your target audience and build brand awareness; and with World Emoji Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider incorporating emojis into your email marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using emojis in email marketing and share some tips on how to do it right.   Emojis Make Your Email Stand Out  Studies have shown that emails that include ...

June 26, 2023 | Posted by

Social Media Day is celebrated globally every June 30th to recognize and appreciate the impact of social media on our daily lives. Today, social media is one of the primary spots where people spend their time online. These platforms serve as an excellent way to keep up with friends and family, express yourself, and consume content. However, social media is more than just a way to keep in touch with people and share photos. It has also revolutionized the advertising industry, including digital an...