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Email Validation Services

Utilizing real-time scanning technology, you are able to get an accurate determination on the deliverability of your email addresses. By removing invalid email addresses and starting with a clean validated list, you can drastically cut your hard-bounce rates, this improving your email delivery and inbox placement..

At Site Impact we promote a safe email marketing environment with the highest possible sending reputation.

Deliverability is contingent on multiple factors. When preparing to deploy an email marketing campaign, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the message relevant to the recipient?
  • Does the email campaign comply?

This technology also identifies harmful email addresses within your email marketing lists. Each email address is validated and put through a process to remove addressees that aren’t legitimate and domains are verified.

These issues include:
  • Disposable Emails
  • Monitoring Seeds
  • Complainers
  • Dormant Accounts
  • ClickBots

let us Help You Validate Your Email List


Already have your own client database list or CRM? Site Impact suppression services "suppress" unwanted prospects and current clients to ensure that you're only prospecting new records.

Suppressed records also include: records from the Do-Not-Call List, Do-Not-Mail List, deceased list, as well as inmates, opted-out emails and bounced records.

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expert, please call 954-982-7900 or email