Avoid These Common Email Marketing Mistakes October 31, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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According to a recent report by Statista.com, by 2025, the number of daily global emails sent is expected to surpass 376 billion. With new channels for marketers to gain visibility, email marketing remains one of the most adaptable and reliable channels for marketers to use. Email campaigns have to capture the attention of its intended recipient to open and it has to convey trustworthy and compelling messaging. Hard sales, pushy content, and a lack of personalization are common mistakes that are easy to fix. Because so many email service providers are so plug and play, marketers may not take the time to ensure that they are effectively using the channel. Mistakes are common in email marketing, especially for companies new to the space. Here are some examples of some of the biggest email marketing mistakes and how they can be avoided. 

Never make the mistake of sending out an email without getting a second opinion from an unbiased party. The small amount of time that this will take can save you a ton of headaches and potentially bad PR in the future. Send the message to someone who isn’t afraid to give straight feedback and will provide you with candid opinions. Sending a message to another person can allow you to see the message in a new light and can give you a valuable perspective on the content. 

One of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes people make is that they focus on the message from the company rather than the needs of the reader. The average time a person spends skimming through an email is 11 seconds, so capture their attention quickly by appealing to their needs and pain points. Don’t treat an email like a company bulletin; craft content that serves the reader. This not only has a better chance of getting a click-through, but it will help to nurture your customer’s trust. 

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