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Join Our Systems Walkthrough Webinar on May 10th and Streamline Your Marketing Strategies


Keeping your marketing strategies in top shape is essential for any business to thrive in today's competitive digital age. It can be a daunting task if you don't understand the technology behind it. That's why Site Impact is thrilled to announce our upcoming Systems Walkthrough Webinar on May 10th, where we will be exploring our Counts System, Order Management System, and Tracking Platform. The webinar is for CMOs who are seeking to streamline their marketing campaigns and want to leverage the insights provided through technology. Join us and take your marketing game to the next level.


Our Counts System is a powerful platform that provides real-time data for the marketers interested in optimizing their campaign results. It offers direct access to over 180 million opt-in records, allowing you to target prospective customers based on their interests, location, age, income level, and many other parameters. The Counts System comes with an easy-to-use web-based interface that allows users to fine-tune their selected targets and see their email deployment statistics in real-time. The dashboard of the Counts System can be customized according to your preferences, making it easy to identify the areas that need improvement or where your strengths lie. By attending the webinar, you will learn how to maximize results with this system.


The Order Management System is a critical component for our clients, who need an organized and streamlined process to manage their customer's data. Our system allows our clients to access data on their customers' purchases, transactions, and accounts all in one place. The Order Management System saves time and money, eliminates confusion, and is extremely user-friendly. With our Order Management System, you can easily manage the processing and fulfillment of all your customer orders. Additionally, our system can track and report on customer purchases, helping you understand your customer's behaviors, and make informed decisions. Our upcoming webinar will walk you through how you can implement this system in your marketing campaigns.


Our Tracking Platform is a robust platform that provides real-time status updates on your email campaigns. Our Tracking Platform enables you to track the ROI of your email campaigns and improve your email marketing strategies based on the metrics collected. The platform allows you to see the engagement of recipients and presents this data in a user-friendly format. The Tracking Platform enables you to determine the engaged and unengaged recipients so you can successful retarget those who were previously unengaged. The Tracking Platform is widely considered one of the most convenient and accurate tools in the market. The upcoming webinar will demonstrate how you can maximize this system with your campaigns.


Join Site Impact's Systems Walkthrough Webinar on May 10th, and learn how our Counts System, Order Management System, and Tracking Platform can streamline your marketing campaigns, and gain insights into the behavior of your customers. The webinar is for CMOs who want to stay ahead of the curve of technological advancements in marketing strategies. Our solutions are created to grow, developed to scale, and dominate. Site Impact’s Systems Walkthrough Webinar is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade your marketing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition with minimal effort. Come and join us for this exciting event, and we will help you grow your business to new heights. 


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