Bring More Personality to Your Emails July 11, 2018, | Posted by erin

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While many people have come to view email marketing as a numbers game--segmenting audiences and tailoring messages to get the best results--there is always something to be said for the personal touch when it comes to the channel. While there’s no need to treat email messages and offers as if you were sending a quick message to a friend or family member, adding a bit of personality to your email campaigns is a good way to stand out, get noticed and--most importantly--get people to act. Site Impact has always been a proponent of balancing the hard numbers with “softer” people skills, and there are some easy ways for brands of all sizes to inject a little more personality into their campaigns--with great results.

People like people

The first thing to keep in mind when looking to add personality to your emails is the very simple fact that human beings are social creatures; people like people, not faceless, uniform masses. While you might be eager to open an email to get at a promotional value it holds, you’re still more excited when you get an email from someone you know and trust--and that basic premise should be the basis of how you approach giving your emails more personality. Be conversational; the best sales pitches don’t feel like sales pitches at all. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should get too familiar--or betray too much of the psychology behind this move. But just taking a less formal tone, and treating email like a conversation instead of a sale, is a big way to gain trust and increase engagement.


Be consistent and creative

One of the biggest goals of any email marketer is to stand out in the crowd, and this is absolutely an area in which adding personality can fit the bill. By being creative in the right ways, and doing it consistently, your brand can gain a more human touch with your customers. “Strong branding is key when trying to build a loyal audience,” says Alex Kelly, Front-End Developer at MailChimp. “Instead of copying what others are doing, you should design and build things that feel like your brand. Being consistent is more important than being trendy.”  Figure out what your brand represents, and how to turn that into a personality; from there, use that creativity to make things special for your customers, and you’ll win them over every time.


Create a lasting impression--but don’t lose sight of the brand

Every person has a distinct voice that they speak and write in; there is, in fact, an entire field in forensics that’s based on the idiosyncrasies of how each person speaks. Personality can come for your brand in the simple form of the writing in your emails. Instead of obsessing about optimizing your content, take a fresh look at the message that you have to get across, and put it in words that you would actually use, instead of jargon or corporate-speak. Creating a lasting impression in this sense is about the same thing it is when you’re speaking to someone face-to-face: choosing the way to address your audience as a human being creates a much more intimate and personal feeling. But while you’re pursuing this goal, don’t forget your overall brand; if your company is a very formal one, being familiar with customers just becomes jarring.


Incorporating a more personal touch in your emails is a great way to increase engagement as well as consumer confidence in your brand--both things that lead to more conversions in the short term and long term alike. Site Impact has long known that adding a little more personality can make a big difference in the response to a campaign; contact us today to find out how we can help you find the right level of personality for your email marketing efforts.