Elevate Your Email Campaigns August 09, 2018, | Posted by erin

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At Site Impact, we’re always looking at ways that we can increase the performance of the campaigns we handle; it’s as natural to us as breathing. While there are a lot of different ways to elevate your email campaigns, there are a few specific things that you can do to make as much impact as possible without having to chase down too many independent variables. A recent report suggests that the average office worker receives about 121 emails per day; there is just no way for them to read all of them--and it would be naive to think they would even want to. To help your emails make the cut of what they will and won’t read, think about taking the following steps.


Find out the best day and time of day to send

While there are tons of studies out there analyzing the best time of day and best day of week to send emails based on demographic data and trends, the truth is that the best time of day for your recipients is going to be unique to them; after all, studies show averages--and focus on the meaty, middle part of a bell curve, instead of the entire distribution--and your list by its very nature doesn’t include everyone. So look at the data on your campaigns and run some tests to determine which day of the week is the best one for open rates, and which time of that day (or those days) shows the most engagement. This one step can make a huge difference in terms of driving increased performance for your future campaigns, by landing your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes at the time they’re most likely to want to engage with them.


Personalize with data

There are so many options out there for getting information on what your subscribers want, need, and might be interested in; the data you have on your customer base can help you to provide a curated, personalized email marketing experience for them, while automation and other new tech can help you avoid having to spend tons of time to do it. Creating list segments not just based on demographic information but purchasing history, product reviews, and more can give you the framework to create campaigns that increase spend, heighten engagement, and ensure loyalty. It also allows you to spend less time on campaigns that might not give you the kind of returns you want.


Do the ‘distracted recipient’ test

Studies and anecdotal experience alike show that most people access their emails primarily or almost entirely on their phones; additionally, the studies show that people tend to check their emails while doing something else--the mobile device revolution has made it possible for people to go for “zero inbox,” skimming and deleting or reading emails in a matter of moments. The average person spends no more than 30 seconds reading an individual email, and even before that the decision to open or file an email as trash happens in a matter of seconds. The ‘distracted recipient’ test is basically exactly what it sounds like: put yourself in the position of the people you’re sending to, and look through your email campaigns and subject lines while doing something else. Would you be engaged? If not, you can move from there to figure out how to improve things, how to hook your recipients’ attention.


Of course, there are many more things that email marketers and brands alike can do to elevate their campaigns, but these three steps are a cornerstone of those efforts, and they’re a way to approach the overall process of improving things. Contact Site Impact and let us tell you how we can help you with this process with our knowledge of what works.