Our Platforms Make Email Easy! September 11, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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One of the things that we take pride in at Site Impact is how hard we work to make email marketing accessible for every client we work with. After years of working in the email niche, we know exactly how daunting it can be to jump into the deep end for the first time, and as a result we’ve not only learned how to make the basics of email marketing easy to understand--we’ve also devoted time to creating tools that any of our clients can use to know exactly how their campaigns are doing at any given time, put together campaigns, and manage everything. Today we’re going to highlight three really great systems that we have in place for all of our clients, developed and built in-house.

 Our real-time tracking platform

One of the biggest headaches for marketers is keeping updated on the metrics. Especially for digital, it can be hard to know what’s relevant, what you really need to know about what’s going on, and how to interpret the data you’re getting. Our real-time tracking platform offers our clients the specific details they need, as quickly as it is possible to have the information. The platform provides details on opens and click-through rates as they happen, alongside informative data like what devices recipients are using to open the emails and what browsers are being used, and finally, a heat map that shows where the most interest in an email is focused, and which links are performing best and worst. It’s everything you need to know about a given campaign, and nothing you don’t, all in one place.

Our counts system makes it easy

While list buying can be an iffy proposition, email lists are the backbone of email marketing. Our counts system features more than 140 million opt-in records with more than 750 different lifestyle, interest, and demographic selects. Whoever your target audience is, we will have people who belong to it, who are interested in hearing your message. Our counts system doesn’t just offer an incredibly wide selection of records: our in-house developing team has worked hard to make sure that it’s easy to navigate, updating in real time. With a handful of clicks, you can see your desired count populating in real time, filled with exactly the right people for you to reach out to--and you’ll have a great idea of how many of them there are, right off the bat. The system also makes it easy for you to archive your selects and save them for future use, meaning that you can keep going back to the same people who are already interested, without having to go through the steps again and again.

Our Order Management system is always ready

One of the pain-points that many brands have when it comes to working with an email marketing agency is the process of ordering a campaign. While there will always be some level of development required in the time between concept and deployment, we’ve made it our goal to condense the process as much as humanly possible for all of our clients. Our order management system simplifies the process of uploading your creative, reviewing, and approving all of the details in a timely manner--which can make a huge difference in a campaign’s effectiveness, especially for time-sensitive campaigns. Our order management system also allows you to take care of all the testing you need to make sure everything happens exactly the way you want it to in your recipients’ inboxes.

Site Impact’s experts have been working in the email marketing niche for years, and as a result we know exactly what it is our clients want from the systems they use to make their email marketing efforts happen. Contact us to find out more about our in-house platforms; we’re even always happy to give you a demonstration!