Recycling Isn’t Just for The Real World--It Also Works for Email! September 14, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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Climate change has become a growing concern, resulting in more people looking for sustainable alternatives to former wasteful practices. While the digital arena doesn’t exactly have this problem, the ethos of recycling and “upcycling” content you’ve worked hard on for consumers interested in your brand is something that translates well. Email marketing is a great avenue for making sure that the hard work you put into content and creative for your website, blog, or social platforms gets as much attention as it possibly can. At Site Impact, we definitely believe in getting the most mileage out of your effort as possible; but it’s important to know how to recycle content properly, so that it looks clever--and not cheap.

Newsletters and digests are your friend

Whether you’re a marketer, brand, media company, or anyone else engaging with consumers online, one of the best ways to repurpose content from other platforms into email is the newsletter. It allows you to provide consumers who might otherwise have missed out on a great promotional video, article, blog post, or social media initiative another chance to see it. “In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)” emails are a great redux of what your brand has been up to--whether it’s been in the past week, month, or quarter. They’re also useful for reminding people who may have seen a promotional announcement or offer of the time frame still remaining to them.

Cross-posting is not just accepted; it’s expected

Everyone knows that there’s no way to get everything they want to read in a day, when it comes to the internet. There’s a general understanding that things are always going to be missed, whether it’s a hot promotional offer from a favored brand, or a piece of news or gossip. People accept that part of the deal when it comes to digital media is that they’re going to occasionally miss things; the counterpoint to that is that they also accept that if something is really important, they’ll get a reminder of it. Consumers actually enjoy being given a second chance to get new information in any form, and being reminded of an offer currently going on or about to launch. Cross-posting has become as normal as email marketing itself, so gathering up the most popular content across your site, or social channels and presenting it to those who might not otherwise have gotten a chance to see it is an excellent tool to foster and maintain engagement with your brand in general.

Reusing content is one excellent way to make it easier to keep up with the constant demands for consumer outreach. Make sure that you’re reusing content responsibly, in a format that makes sense for your customers--whether that’s email newsletters, quarterly roundups, or “in-case-you-missed-it” reminders--and you can get the content you’re producing to do twice the work with half the effort, freeing up more time and energy to keep churning out more content for the ever-hungry digital space. Contact Site Impact to find out how we can help you recycle content responsibly.