Holiday Season Countdown: The Numbers for Black Friday/Cyber Monday October 08, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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While retailers know the importance of the week following Thanksgiving (which falls this year on November 22), not all businesses get behind the craziness of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, research shows that the sales potential for the week following Thanksgiving only continues to grow--even with a few caveats regarding people’s spend per item on those days. At Site Impact, we’ve been gearing up for a few weeks now, and from what our research shows, just about everyone has a good reason to get into Black Friday and Cyber Monday from an email marketing standpoint.

Interestingly, the big sales period following Thanksgiving has gone global in recent years, with countries that don’t even celebrate the American holiday taking part in sales. It isn’t hard to see why, with the kind of revenue that sales the week after Thanksgiving have managed to generate year after year. In 2017, Thanksgiving Day alone generated $2.87 billion in online sales--something to really think about regardless of your brand’s niche. Total Black Friday weekend sales for 2017 came out to $16.74 billion, up from $12.75 billion in 2016. With this kind of growth year over year, it’s impossible to ignore the potential benefits that brands can reap.

Other studies have looked into specific behaviors related to the weekend following Thanksgiving, and one of the key facets of consumer behavior has been the shift to mobile. 2017 saw Black Friday generate nearly $1.9 billion in revenue, with Cyber Monday reaching $2 billion for the first time. Studies show that nearly 40% of Black Friday to Cyber Monday buying happened on mobile devices, meaning that brands will have to make sure their sites--and in particular their ordering processes--are optimized for the small screen long before it becomes an issue. A key pain point for consumers looking to make purchases from a mobile device is difficulty of completing transactions--from sites that are poorly formatted for the mobile experience to order forms that are simply too long. Companies looking to make the most of Black Friday weekend should be spending time making sure everything is easy--it’s just as important as keeping the marketing on point, since all the marketing in the world can go to waste if people give up on their buying part of the way through.

Email marketing is going to play a major role in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year, with mobile purchasing expected to increase. It’s a great opportunity for even brands that have not participated in the week-long event to jump in and offer value to current and prospective customers alike. Spending is projected at $5.80 billion for Black Friday alone, up 15% from 2017; that alone is a good reason for brands of all kinds to make sure to get in on the buying frenzy. Brands that are ready to make the leap stand to benefit hugely from increased spending as consumers try to get the most for their holiday shopping budget. Site Impact has all the tools brands need to make their holiday season email marketing a success--and we’re more than ready for Black Friday weekend. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build and deploy the best campaigns of the year.