Creative Ideas for Holiday Email Marketing November 06, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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As we enter the early days of holiday season email marketing efforts, it can seem like there are no new things to say, no new messages to send to subscribers to set your brand apart. While the earliest holiday emails are either already set to go or currently being deployed, the holiday season lasts longer than you think; there is still time to come up with fresh ideas. Site Impact knows that branded holiday messaging and creative are sometimes difficult--and we want to take a look at some simple ideas to get the imaginative juices flowing and spark some inspiration.

Offer something out of the ordinary

One way to set your brand apart from the noise surrounding holiday season marketing is to include offers that aren’t like what your competitors--or even other non-competing brands--are putting out there. Ideas along this line can create a lot of added value for your recipients, and will make you stick out in their mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. Some examples of out-of-the-ordinary offers to consider include:

      Bonus gift cards for a certain $ spend

      “Naughty or Nice” options for customers to keep a discount or gift it to someone else

      Gift “packages” that include a combination of products and services to offer extra value

      Easy contests--like photo contests capturing the holiday spirit--for special discounts

By using a little thought, you can come up with a variation on these themes that fits your branding and audience, and create a campaign that will stand out.

Find convenient ways to add value

Consumer attention spans are short even under the best of circumstances, and during the holiday season, when customers are bombarded by constant messaging from a number of different brands, the problem intensifies. One key way to set your brand apart from the rest is to add value in ways that are convenient for your subscribers; with a little bit of effort, you can create something that is helpful, relevant, and most importantly keeps your brand, products, or services at the top of potential customers’ minds. There are some really simple ways to provide value-added content in emails.

      Gift guides for particular people/types of people in your customers’ lives

      Sample sales to allow customers to try new products and make informed buying decisions

      Last-minute reminders for particular dates (such as the last day to order to receive an item by a particular date)

      Brand-centered or customer-centered stories

      Affordable gift ideas or gifts-by-budget (excellent for Secret Santa and White Elephant party purchases)

By offering extra value to your subscribers, you’ll foster a sense of loyalty to your brand that even steep discounts can’t provide.


With these ideas in as a jumping-off point, you can set your brand apart from all the rest this holiday season. This time of year is a vital for generating revenue, starting even before Black Friday, and savvy brands will take advantage of the sentiments of the season to not just make as many sales as possible in the moment but also create a lasting impression on customers that will carry into the new year. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you create truly creative and unique campaigns to make the most of the most important shopping season of the year.