What is the SOAP Sequence and How Can it Help Your Campaigns? November 08, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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Clever marketers are always looking for formulas, systems, and sequences to make their lives easier and improve the performance of their campaigns. At Site Impact, we’re no different; we always want to know not only what works best to generate the biggest impact on consumers, but also what of those tactics and strategies and systems are the easiest and most cost-effective to implement. Today we’re going to look at a lesser-known sequencing strategy and discuss how it works, and what it has to offer.

What is the SOAP sequence?

Basically, the SOAP sequence is a series of emails designed to generate interest from leads, subscribers, and new prospects. There are many different types of sequences that belong to this category, and overall the concept behind it is well-known in marketing in general. The sequence can be as long as you want it to be, but research shows optimum results at five emails, versus longer or shorter sequences. SOAP sequences use basic principles to ratchet up excitement in a steady way over the course of several emails, priming recipients to convert by the final email in the pattern.


How does it work?

There are five basic stages in a SOAP sequence, which for the sake of simplicity we’re going to treat as five emails in this article. Of course, as mentioned before, you can take as much time as you want on each stage--sending out more than one email where it seems appropriate to achieve the goal--but it’s important to keep the sequence as simple and direct as possible.

      Step one: Set the stage

       The first email introduces the brand, along with the product/service, in an intriguing way.

      Step two: Increase the drama

       Offer more information in the most limited possible way, drawing in the prospect by maintaining the air of mystery and mystique.

      Step three: Create an epiphany

       Demonstrate the way that the product or service solves a problem established in step one/two.

      Step four: Illustrate hidden benefits

       Show the prospect how the product/service will benefit them in particular, or highlight a little-known or unexpected fringe benefit beyond the most basic problem solving.

      Step five: Deploy call to action

       Employ a compelling offer with a sense of urgency (usually accomplished via a sense of scarcity--either time or supply).

In five simple steps, you have deployed an entire narrative that makes your brand’s product or service irresistible to a substantial chunk of your subscriber base!

The technique is a very easy method for beginners to start on a more advanced system of email marketing, generating not only first-time sales but repeat customer experiences for long-term growth and revenue. Now that you understand how it works, put the sequence to use! Contact Site Impact to find out how we can help you implement these steps and make the most of their benefits to your brand.