Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Wins December 04, 2018, | Posted by Samantha

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Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well behind us, it’s a good opportunity to look at some of the greatest wins of the day, in terms of campaigns. At Site Impact, we’re always looking to the best of the best to take ideas to optimize our clients’ campaigns, and of course the opening of official Holiday Season shopping is a great opportunity to look at what works and who’s innovating in the space. Today we take a moment to look at some of the best-designed campaigns for the big sales events just after Thanksgiving, the signal for the open of the season.

Clever data usage by DSW

One thing that we have been talking about for a long time is the need to personalize content in emails, to tailor it to consumers. DSW did an excellent job of this during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, with a geo-targeted campaign giving recommendations to customers based on weather conditions. Having geographical information on your customer base is a great tool, and DSW did a great job leveraging it for a sales drive that cuts through the usual noise that comes along with that weekend.

Best use of numbers in a campaign: Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Of course, the weekend’s campaigns were chock full of numbers, most of them referring to dollars or percentages off. But there are clever ways of using numbers and basic ways of using numbers; Sak’s did a great job in their campaign putting the biggest number front-and-center in not just the subject line but also the email creative. “A $750 gift card is too good to let go,” the campaign’s subject line reads, and of course no one could possibly argue with that. Granted, the $750 gift card is not just given out of the goodness of the brand’s heart, but in return for $3,000 spend--but presenting the best possible outcome front and center gives a very strong impression.

Making “blind” personalization work: Tory Burch

It can be difficult to engage in the best holiday-related strategies for Cyber Monday and Black Friday campaigns when you’re reaching out to customers who have very little or no history with your brand. But Tory Burch made it work with their “buying guide” campaigns. If there’s anything that turns a customer off, it’s being told that something is recommended to them that just isn’t to their taste, but the high end brand managed to pull of not only putting most of their stock on sale but providing targeted product recommendations. For those customers with little or no buying history, Tory Burch offered suggestions of products in their lineup that were not only on sale, but very much on trend--what was selling very well even before the sale, and what was marked by the Fashion Gods as being the “it” thing. It’s a play-it-safe approach that really pays off for something like holiday shopping, where people can rely on a high quality brand’s input on their most fashionable item for a present for someone else.

There are countless great campaigns that have come out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, and we will of course be looking at all of the results and analyzing what has made some of these campaigns so successful. It isn’t merely a question of creative or subject line, though as we’ve mentioned before there are definite advantages to making those aspects as strong as possible. As the holiday season moves forward, it’s a good idea to learn from these kinds of campaigns--and of course, to find out what elements have made them so successful to incorporate the tricks into future campaigns. Contact Site Impact to hear how we can upgrade your next campaign with our expertise.