Email Marketing Integrations are A Must Have January 08, 2019, | Posted by Samantha

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If there’s one thing that email marketing professionals universally love, it is a tool to make legwork easier. Of course, nobody likes boring drudgery, but in email there are a lot of steps that can be time consuming if done manually, but which absolutely have to be done. Continuing in our goal of spreading information about the foundations of email this week, we at Site Impact want to take a look at email marketing integration tools: what they are, what they can do for you, and how they can make your life easier and your campaigns more successful.

What is email marketing integration?

Integration software ranges from tools that work to help you import all the contacts from Gmail or Outlook to those that allow your social media followers to sign up for your email list with one or two clicks. At essence, it is a category of software programs that bring together different elements with email to automate or otherwise create a shortcut for certain operations. They can also operate in both directions, integrating your social or other digital efforts to your email campaigns or vice versa. Email integrations also exist that allow you to add products to an email from your site, enhance abandoned cart emails, and more.

What can email integration do for you?

At heart, email integration software makes life easier and helps you to boost revenue. Whether you incorporate integration between email and social, or between your online store and email, or any of dozens of other options, the basic premise of the software is to do something more or less automatically that would be time consuming to do manually, or for which manual control just isn’t feasible. The decision of which types of integration to incorporate into your toolbox as a marketer depends on how you’re going about your email marketing efforts, how intertwined you want your various channels to be, and so on; but it is impossible to overstate how useful it can be in everyday marketing tasks.

Email integration to increase ROI

At heart, email integration is a win for marketers because it helps to increase ROI; in some cases, integrations do this directly, by making tracking and data collection easier. In other cases, integrations boost how productive you can be in your email efforts, meaning you spend less money on building or developing or deploying the campaign--while getting the same or better results. With integration tools, you can more closely monitor the ROI from each campaign, understanding the metrics from start to sale. These metrics help measure the total ROI generated by individual campaigns, as well as quarterly and annually.

All in all, email integration software is a key component to long-term success in your email marketing efforts. They make marketers’ lives easier, take out some of the drudgery involved in email, and help to boost ROI all around. Incorporating email integration into your toolbox will make your email marketing efforts easier and more profitable than ever. If you want to hear more about how these tools can take the legwork down to a much more manageable level, contact Site Impact.