Better Performance Comes From Better Data January 09, 2019, | Posted by Samantha

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One thing that email marketing professionals are always looking for is the next great method to increase performance in campaigns. At Site Impact, our experts know that the best way to improve your email campaign performance is to make sure you have the best possible data. It can seem like trying to track down problems in your data and correcting them would be a herculean task, but if you go about it the right way, it can definitely be easy--and it is worth what little trouble there is to it, in the first place.

Get rid of the junk


The first step to improving your data is to take out the most obvious factors junking up what you’ve got. A recent study showed that rates of typos and bad email addresses have gone up steadily in the past few years as people increasingly engage with sites via their phones. This not only makes an excellent case for incorporating double opt-in procedures for subscribers (where they must confirm their email) but also gives a good indication of one of the easiest and most effective things to cut: email addresses that come back with a hard bounce (emails sent to the address are returned automatically as undeliverable). Review the consistent hard bounce addresses on your lists and take them off, along with those email addresses showing signs of no engagement within the past 3 months. This will clean up your data considerably--and it is very easy to do.


Fine tune your audience persona(s)


Once you know that the chaff is out of your list data, you can drill down to get more insights into your customer base. It is easy to get information on any given recipient on your list, from basic demographic information to buying habits and more. Use this information to make adjustments to your customer profiles. Maybe you’ve been operating on the assumption that most of your customers are 40-year-old women, but that has shifted within the past year; that can make a big difference in the best way to communicate and the best messages to send. You may even find that your products have more than one discrete audience, which would mean that you have more than one persona or profile you should be appealing to; drilling into your audience information gives you these insights and opens up the possibility of getting newer, more relevant data on the performance end.


If you want a silver bullet for the difficult question of how to improve your email marketing performance, one way that will always work is cleaning up your data. More than almost any other single factor in your email marketing strategy, data has the power to make big differences in ROI. By cleaning up the obvious junk in your email lists, and drilling down to get insights about your audience and what kind of buyer personas you’re dealing with, you can boost your results in both the long term and short term. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you clean up your data act.