Use Content Marketing to Fuel Your Email Campaigns February 07, 2019, | Posted by Samantha

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These days, it’s just not possible for brands to rely on only one marketing channel to get their message out to consumers. Of course, at Site Impact, we have our preference: email marketing. But one of the beautiful things about email is the way that it works synergistically with other channels to drive better results across all fronts, making marketing efforts greater than the sum of their parts. One format in particular that email plays well with is content marketing: blogs, social media posts, and online video aimed at a more informational than advertorial slant to them. Today we’re going to look at how content marketing can fuel your email efforts.

Email is content, at the end of the day

While a large proportion of marketing emails are centered on specific offers and promotions, more and more consumers demand a holistic approach from brands of all sizes: not just notifications of sales and offers, but also information on the brand itself. Content marketing serves a function of giving prospective customers the “why”--the reason they should buy from you, the reason they need your products of services. Email serves that function admirably, and accordingly, email has shifted away from “blast” formats and to a more tailored approach, including buying guides, information updates, and more. While email copy is shorter than the average blog post, it is still content--and it should use some of the same strategy as you use in your overall content marketing efforts.

Recycling--and upcycling--is in vogue

Since email is content, and since you can’t hope to reach every customer and prospect through any one channel, email is a perfect vehicle for recycling and “upcycling” your content on other platforms. An example is an “In Case You Missed It” email about a particularly successful/popular blog post with information about some new development in your industry and how your brand is putting that development to good use. You can also use email to extend the reach of your YouTube channel, or cross-post from Instagram. Contests that you run on social platforms can get a highlight in your email--showing off the winners and their prizes. Of course, it doesn’t come across great to simply repost what you’ve got on one channel directly to your email campaign; but with a few tweaks and adjustments, you can make your content marketing efforts pull double-duty as email copy as well as content on your site and social media accounts.

One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing is that it brings together all of your marketing efforts in a synergistic way. Content marketing is an important format for the digital age, especially as methods like banners and popup ads lose their popularity more and more. Putting your content marketing efforts to good use as material for your emails makes good sense--and it means that you can connect with your email audience on a more informative, valuable level. With consumers increasingly demanding more informational, relevant content in the brands they receive email from, your content efforts from blogging to social media engagement give you a valuable resource to tap into. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you tailor your content marketing to your email efforts.