Need More Engaging Emails? No Problem! February 08, 2019, | Posted by Samantha

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Engagement is a vital need when it comes to email marketing. There is nothing more frustrating than having dozens, or hundreds, or even--heaven forbid--thousands of emails go unopened due to a lack of interest from your audience. But what makes for an engaging email? Site Impact has always made it a point to be at the lead of the industry when it comes to knowing what consumers are looking for in their email messages, because the demands are constantly shifting--and it’s better to be ahead of the curve than just on it.

Start with a clear focus

The best possible starting point for more engaging content in your emails is a clear focus; one single goal at a time for what each campaign should accomplish. Whether it’s spreading the word about a new product or service, or customer recognition, or generating interest for an upcoming promotion, a clear goal and focus will make a big difference in creating campaigns that have greater engagement, because everything you do from that point forward will be in service to that clear goal.

Answer the question “What’s in it for me?”

The biggest thing that your audience wants to know at any given time and with any given communication is how it benefits them. Second to a clear focus, communicating effectively what benefit you’re giving your recipients with your emails will drive up engagement considerably and consistently. Pick out a few key, specific benefits of your product or service, or provide context on an offer by highlighting the savings it will give them.

Hit the sweet spot on content length

Content that is too short and not informative enough will leave your audience feeling like an afterthought; meanwhile, content that is too long and difficult to get through will have them clicking the delete button long before they ever even see the call to action. Statistics show that twenty lines is an effective maximum when it comes to body content in your emails, and five lines is really close to a minimum. Of course, to some degree the length of your email copy is dependent on context--but keeping length in mind will steer your efforts effectively in making sure you’re explaining things adequately while not belaboring the point.

Don’t forget the visuals

Visual appeal is another aspect of what drives engagement; we all know that something that looks reliable and attractive is going to make a better impression than something sloppy or poorly executed. Tweaking the visual appeal of your campaigns can be as simple as adjusting your template, or making a subtle change to the colors you use. Making everything look neat, presentable, and interesting will naturally increase engagement over time, as people more reliably open emails after discovering that you fulfill what they’re expecting from a brand.

Engagement is a major cornerstone of email marketing success, and while it can sometimes seem like a daunting task, given the different advice available, there are some simple ways that you can drive engagement up on your campaigns. By taking stock of your content, keeping your visual elements appealing, developing a clear focus and goal in your communications, and being up front about benefits, you will see an increase in all metrics, indicating the improved engagement all marketers seek. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you boost your efforts to the next level.