Email Marketing is Getting Smarter April 11, 2019, | Posted by erin

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If there is one thing that holds true across all marketing channels, it’s the fact that methods and processes are getting smarter. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of email marketing, where new tools to collect data, analyze behaviors, and develop campaigns come out seemingly every week. Site Impact has always been fascinated by the ways that the industry has worked to get smarter, to make things more efficient, and the truth is that no matter how much we anticipate, the field always surprises us.

Automation is getting better all the time

When the first automation tools for email came about, many marketers found them unpredictable and far from user-friendly. That is a big part of the reason why adoption for the tools has typically been low, even though improvements and new programs roll out constantly. The good news is that as more and more parts of the process have become automated, the programming has gotten better; there are some companies that have even begun offering machine learning and AI enhancements to their automated tools, allowing for smart adjustments to campaigns that fit pre-set parameters without constant oversight. There will come a time when it will take next to no effort to keep track of your campaigns and even launch them at nearly a moment’s notice.


Analytics are getting more and more precise

Metrics like opens, click-through rates, and conversions are key to determining the success of an email campaign, but analytics are getting more precise and capable of watching more behaviors than ever before. Senders can track where recipients spent the most time looking at an email creative, which call to action their recipients click on, and how many times an email is opened before people act on the call to action--just to name a few possibilities. Understanding consumer behavior helps you to make better choices when it comes to strategy, meaning that your future campaigns will only become more successful over time.


Segmentation is becoming the norm--and it’s getting easier

List segmentation is here to stay; consumers like receiving highly relevant, targeted messages from brands, and as a result they’re increasingly willing to provide the kind of information that brands and marketers need to give them that. Segments based on a variety of factors ranging from buying histories, interests, and behavioral patterns are all becoming more common, and marketers are embracing the ability to target people in the best time and at the best circumstances to get them to convert.


Email marketing is getting smarter and smarter every year, with a variety of tools available not just through agencies but also solo offers to make it easier to reach out to exactly the best audience for your brand. With the rise in automation, the development of new and more precise analytics, and better segmentation abilities, it’s a golden age for quality email marketing as opposed to blasts that characterized the first decades of the industry. Contact Site Impact to learn how we put the smartest technology to use in our campaigns.