What Do You Know About Email Selling Strategies? Come To Site Impact’s Sales Summit and Find Out May 07, 2019, | Posted by erin

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Whether you’ve never done email marketing before or are an industry pro, there’s always more to learn about the industry and how email works--as well as how to get brands on board with email. To that end, Site Impact is launching our inaugural Sales Summit in five cities--and exploring the possibility of expanding to more. With a bevy of industry experts including our own Brandon Rosen, Dan Lansman, Pamela Gressman, and Diane Hayes, alongside big names including Mike Blinder and Gordon Borell, the summit guarantees to give you everything you need to know to sell email marketing to any business.


You know email--but do you really know email?

Whether you’re the head of a brand’s marketing department or a sales associate looking to provide value to clients, email marketing is an invaluable tool, providing a huge impact; but just citing the statistics on it isn’t going to get the idea across adequately. Knowing what email marketing is and how it works is just a first step towards being able to get people on board--the next step is knowing how to get the value across. Our summit will arm marketing and advertising professionals at all levels with the information, strategy, and breakdowns you need to prospect and close on businesses in need of email marketing.


Do you know how to find the right email partners?

Nobody can do it all--that’s just a basic truth. Another aspect of Site Impact’s Sales Summit is focused on helping advertising and sales professionals learn how to identify strategic partners in email marketing to maximize results. Our own Pamela Gressman will educate about Site Impact’s proprietary email platform, diving deep into the functions we’ve built into it to make it the most helpful, user-friendly tool our clients access. Brandon Rosen, our Chief Revenue Officer, will explain what sets Site Impact apart, and what makes an email marketing agency a good partner for advertising and marketing professionals.


You may think that you know all that there is to know about email marketing, but we promise that anyone at any level of expertise will come away from our summit armed with new information, strategies, and data to pick out prospects and make the sale on email. Our own experts will give you the rundown on how to sell and what to look for in an email partnership, while our carefully selected colleagues will give you specifics on maximizing revenue and breaking down the data to make the case. We have dates in five cities so far--Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington--and we’re looking to add more! Check out our registration page to get more details and let us know if you want us to come to your city to help teach you how to spread the gospel on email. Keep checking back for more details on this exciting event, taking place all over the US through most of the month of June.