Use Your Social Media Presence to Grow Your Email List May 09, 2019, | Posted by erin

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One of the questions we get most at Site Impact is the question that plagues marketers of all stripes when it comes to email marketing: how do you grow your list? Site Impact maintains our own list of constantly updated, clean selects for our clientele, but many brands want a list of their own--and the more people you have receiving your emails, the better your chances of conversions. One overlooked way to grow your list is social media; while many brands include social in their overall marketing strategies, as a source for email prospects it often gets neglected. Today we’re going to look at how to make your social presence work for your list building efforts.


Use ads!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter--all major social media platforms, or almost all of them, have some form of advertising available, and brands have not been shy about putting that function to use. Especially as Facebook has made it harder for brands to maintain organic reach, the move to get attention with ads has become more pronounced. Why not use an ad to generate recipients for your email list? It’s the same basic method as what you’d use for any other ad, by targeting demographics you most want to add to your email lists, you can get the best results.


Create a contest or giveaway

Social platforms are great venues for contests and giveaways, and you can package list-building efforts into your contest easily. All you have to do is build the contest on the platform of your choice (following their rules), and include a requirement (or even just an option) to sign up for email to participate, and there you go! Instant list signups. The added benefit of hosting this on social is that it’s shareable and your contest or giveaway can go viral readily--scoring even more prospects for your list than even your existing social media following.


Host a webinar/ Live event

Contests and giveaways aren’t the only way to tap into the sharable nature of social media; hosting a live event or a webinar is also a great tool for getting people to sign up for your emails. Plan in advance, make sure that the date and time of your event works well for the majority of your existing audience, and go live with something fun and/or informative involving your brand, and watch as your audience shares it across the platform. Include a signup for your email list, and watch the registration boom.


There are a lot of ways to leverage social media for list-building efforts, and there’s no denying the fact that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can all be indispensable tools to prospect for more customers. If building your own list feels like a lot of effort to put in, leasing a list is a great option as well. Contact Site Impact to learn more about the clean lists we have available for our clients.