How to Use Email to Share Your Brand Values July 09, 2019, | Posted by erin

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One of the key uses of email marketing is to communicate directly with your customer base--both current and prospective customers alike. Email is a winning channel for that kind of direct conversation, due to its importance in people’s daily lives. Site Impact knows that the communicative nature of email lends to key opportunities to get personal--and in that, you can share not just products and services, but key brand values.


What are brand values and why are they important?

Consumers increasingly don’t just want to engage with brands in a transactional manner; younger generations (X, Millennials, and the increasingly relevant Gen Z) want to give their loyalty to brands that have a story, that represent something beyond selling a product or service. Brand values--the thing your brand represents beyond your products and/or services--represent this elusive need. Your brand values can include things like:

     Community engagement

     Ecological sustainability

     Serving the underserved

     Political activism

     Animal rights

     And more

While these values and ideas for what a business can do beyond just selling a high quality product or service won’t ensure customer loyalty on their own, they’re an important aspect of what allows consumers to connect with brands--which is essential for repeat purchasing from generations that vote with their wallets.


How can email communicate brand values?

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with customers and prospects in general, but when it comes to brand values it takes a slight shift in the way you think about your campaign and how to put it together. To communicate your brand values--whatever they might be--to your recipients, it’s best to take a storytelling approach, rather than a sales-focused approach. Telling the story of your brand, how it came to be, and why you’ve chosen the causes you have can go a long way towards reinforcing loyalty and getting conversions--after all, it gives consumers a reason to choose you over another brand offering similar products or services.

Some basic precepts of this kind of storytelling go as follows:

     Start at the beginning

      Tell people what inspired your brand’s involvement in a particular cause, or why your brand embraced a specific value

     Show development over time

      Campaigns to keep your email list updates on what you’re doing to live the values you have claimed are a great way to send non-sales content that still increases consumer loyalty

     Celebrate your success in a big way

      A specific campaign aimed at a particular initiative should absolutely include key messages about successes you’ve had--let your recipients celebrate with you

     Be real about your involvement

      Don’t try to make your involvement seem to be greater than it is--it’s easy to debunk or fact check just how much you’ve been involved with a particular cause.


By using storytelling-style email campaigns, you can communicate your key brand values to consumers. In a world where consumers increasingly seek brands that don’t just sell products and services but which stand for something, sharing your values with consumers will help you to increase loyalty and engagement, and this--of course--leads to greater conversions. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you get your values out to the masses.