Site Impact Technology Deep Dive: Our Order Management System October 09, 2019, | Posted by erin

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For the past few weeks we’ve been taking you on a deep dive into our proprietary software and systems, showing you what’s so special about or tracking system and our counts database. At Site Impact, we really pride ourselves on offering next-level features for our email marketing clients, so today we’re going to wrap up our exploration by focusing on our order management system (OMS).


We start with simplicity

We’ve talked about this before with our other systems, but fundamentally, our major goal when it comes to developing and creating these tools for our clients to use is that they should be intuitive and simple. There’s no sense in having an order management system--for example--that is hard to navigate, or that involves a complicated process. Logging into our OMS takes you to your dashboard, where everything is cleanly laid out and easy to find. All of the details are broken out into different sections: pending orders (those that you’ve started to develop but haven’t finished and submitted yet), insertion orders to sign (orders that are pending your signature for insertion), pending order approvals (those orders that are otherwise complete, which just need you to approve them), and recently completed orders at the bottom, with a history of the most recently completed and deployed emails. All of it is available to our clients at a simple scroll, set in the right categories so you know what each campaign needs.


Control at your fingertips

When you create an order, we carry the simplicity forward to the process, while keeping you in control of all the factors. Or forms let you easily dictate exactly what it is you want, from which counts you want to use, to the exact time and time zone you want the email to go out, all of the details that matter to you are accessible and within your control when you’re creating your order. We even give you options like automatic testing, and custom URL parameters, to make sure every detail is the way you want it to be. Our OMS does this while making each factor easy to access: quick drop-downs and fields that are easy to navigate are the mainstay of the system. Whether you’ve never done email before or are a seasoned veteran, our goal is for our clients to find the system easy to navigate, easy to use, and intuitive to get results from--and that’s how we built it.


When it comes to email marketing, we at Site Impact know that the important things come down to being able to get the job done as easily, simply, and effectively as possible. All of our proprietary systems come out of a primary drive of being user-friendly, and to make each step of the process as easy as possible. With our order management system, we focused on making all the information clear and readily available--so you know which step you need to take next, and when everything is done--and making the process of creating an order as straightforward as possible so that you can get it done and not have to agonize over it. Contact us to get a test drive or find out more about how we can take your email game to the next level.