Deliverability is Key This Holiday Season November 08, 2019, | Posted by erin

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One of the biggest bugbears in email marketing is deliverability. You can compose the best copy, have the slickest creative, and craft the best subject line--and then lose out because your email doesn’t even make it to the inbox. Site Impact has made deliverability one of our major focal points--because of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing for our clients is that their emails are opened and engaged with, and that just can’t happen if they aren’t reaching the audience in the first place. Now, with the holiday season looming over us all, deliverability is even more important: email volume is accordingly much higher, and competition for the attention of your prospects is stiff. Taking a few steps to boost your deliverability can make a huge difference.


You’ve made your list: now check it twice

Before you get into the hot and heavy sending for the holiday season, you absolutely need to go over your email lists and hygiene them: remove anyone who’s requested to opt out, check for dead or invalid email addresses, and otherwise go through your lists with a metaphorical fine-toothed comb to make sure that there is no dead weight to be found on them. Taking care of this chore a few weeks out from when your deliverability becomes vital will give you time to build on your reputation with the email providers like Gmail and Yahoo and Outlook, letting you start out strong.


Get your frequency in check

While we’ve said before that the holiday season is a time to boost your sending frequency, it bears noting that even during this time of year: too much is simply too much. Look into setting up a method for your recipients to determine the frequency with which they want to hear from you, or check your metrics to see how frequency of sending impacts your open rate and other key indicators. You definitely have more leeway in the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get complaints levied if you go too far.


Make it personal

Personalization is an important strategy year round, but it can really help your deliverability in the peak months; create high-value content and dynamic content to really engage your subscribers, hitting them where they live. Again: this is a great idea at any time, but it really shines in the holiday season, when consumers are getting lots of emails. Setting yourself apart with the value-add will encourage more people to open your emails, which in turn makes you look better with the email providers, boosting your deliverability.


As we all gear up for the holiday rush, it’s important to make sure that all hands are on deck and all matters are settled. Preparing for the season by boosting your email deliverability really pays off: after all, greater deliverability means more opens, and more clicks--and of course, more people buying. Contact Site Impact to learn how we keep our own deliverability rates high.