Google AMP For Email Is About to Change the Game March 01, 2018, | Posted by Erin

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If you’re not familiar with Google’s AMP project, the announcement in February that the company is bringing that functionality to email might not have raised any interest. The project--more formally named Accelerated Mobile Pages--has been in development for years, and two new functions are bringing it to a heady conclusion; one of those functions is email. Because we’re always interested in keeping up-to-date here at Site Impact, we’re excited to be able to share what this is going to mean for email marketing--especially because the way that AMP is going to shake things up is going to be huge.

Email marketing has been trending towards more interactive content for a while now, and Google’s move to incorporate its accelerated mobile pages functionality into that niche is only going to make it even more important--and even easier--to make that a reality. According to the announcement from Google, the incorporation of AMP into its email will have some important benefits: content can be kept up-to-date in real time, recipients will be able to browse and interact with the content within the email, and users will be able to do more things within the email in a faster time frame.

One of the long-standing enemies of email marketing has been the effort it takes for recipients to go from the email to the site or landing page to convert their interest to purchase; with AMP functionality coming to Gmail, this enemy is going to be vanquished for good--because the recipients will be able to do everything right there, within the email. This promises to cut down on abandon rates hugely--and that means a higher proportion of conversions for every person that opens an email. It isn’t hard to see how being able to see a promotion, and being able to profit from it right there and then--without having to do more than tap/click on a few things within the body of the email itself--is going to increase customers’ conversion rates alone.

Of course, this only applies for those recipients using google devices/gmail, but where Google goes, other companies absolutely rush to follow, especially on such practical-sensible moves like this. We at Site Impact fully expect this interactive content functionality to go from being a pilot program--available through Google to developers on an open source basis--to an industry norm as quickly as possible, and that means that it’s important to know how to leverage this function the best.

As experts in the industry, we make it a point to keep on top of things that are going to revolutionize not just the email marketing niche but also all of the other niches that intersect. With this new move on the part of Google, we expect that email marketing is only going to become even more vitally important than it already is--and we’re already looking at the ways to make the most out of real time, interactive content so that our clients can maximize their marketing potential. Contact us (954-982-7900/  today to talk about how we can help get your email marketing efforts at the cutting edge.