Gmail and Yahoo Email Ads: How They Can Boost Your Email Marketing March 02, 2018, | Posted by Erin

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You may or may not have noticed that in addition to serving up promotional, personal, and social emails alike, Gmail and Yahoo have also--for some time now--incorporated ads at the top of the lists, especially in the “Promotions” categories, for Gmail’s segmented inbox. While these sometimes appear as an annoyance to consumers and brands alike, they actually represent a valuable remarketing opportunity, to expand on your existing email marketing efforts. Our experts here at Site Impact know that it’s best to use every opportunity to get to the top of your customers’ inboxes that you can--and we also know how to make that happen.

Contextual ads for Gmail and Yahoo have been a staple for years now; and where they’re for unrelated things, many customers may ignore them. However, as a valuable tool for positioning your message at the top of your subscribers’ inboxes, they represent a big benefit. As we’ve covered previously, the time of day that a brand’s emails arrive in a customer’s inbox plays a big role in the possibility that the customer will open that email. But of course, it quite simply isn’t possible to always send an email at the same time every day--even if it was, a sudden flood of emails from noon to three would trigger punitive action from the email servers. Then too, some recipients won’t even look at their emails until later in the day--or even the next day.

The solution to that is customer matching for Gmail, along with similar services on Yahoo and other platforms. With this tool, you can target subscribers that might not otherwise see, notice, or open your emails and reel them back in for remarketing. A Gmail customer match campaign can help your brand to draw attention to unopened emails, to “poke” at low-engagement customers, and more. For example, by maintaining an updated list of who among your subscribers hasn’t opened a promotional email, your brand can use customer match functions to deliver an ad to the top of their promotions box, lightly reminding them to look at the promotion you’re offering--this means that even if your email has--through time and inattention--gotten shunted to the bottom of the inbox, your customers are reminded to check it out, open it, and possibly even convert.

It can also be used as a general-purposes remarketing opportunity, to reinforce messages your brand is already sending out; you can look at the customers that are not as engaged, and remind them of the value your brand is providing them in the emails, triggering more interest which leads to more opens and greater conversions. By using this simple trick, your brand can grow a lot more revenue, and generate a lot more conversions in your email marketing campaign.

Here at Site Impact, we’re always interested in finding ways to make our clients’ campaigns as effective as humanly possible--and email ads on Gmail and Yahoo are a prime way to use the segmentation your brand is already engaging in and turn it into new opportunities to increase engagement and email opens. It’s a win-win, for a small, easily-contained budget that your brand can devote to an accessory campaign. Contact us (954-982-7900/ today to find out more about how we can optimize your email campaigns with accessories like this function--and even many others. We’re excited to be able to bring out expertise to your marketing efforts!