Heat Up Your Marketing after the Holidays January 06, 2020, | Posted by erin

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Sometimes, with the best of intentions and even some great offers, your email marketing efforts start to take a hit, and your ideal audience begin to lose interest; Site Impact knows that January is a particularly common month for this to happen. Once the holidays wrap up, people tend to become more conscientious in their spending, and they stop being as active and engaged with the emails they receive. But there are ways to heat up your offers, if you’re willing to put in the effort.


Start with segmenting

The first step towards heating up your marketing is to separate the truly cold potential targets lukewarm and the still-hot. Strategically think of the evolution of your potential audience through the new year and take a new approach to reaching out to them. Segment your audience in a smart way  give you a well-rounded picture of your planned promotions in January. 



Consider a Giveaway to Engage

Consider a giveaway that provides values to potential customers. What you choose will, of course, depend on your industry: a free ebook, free guide, a quick tutorial, or an add-on service are all great options, and advertising them in your subject line will definitely get you the opens you’re looking for.


This time of year is all about keeping engagement high, and January presents unique challenges as people tighten the belt post-holiday season. By seriously considering WHO you want to target for each promotion and segmenting based on that and even offering a small gift to engage (and even reengage), you can heat your promotions, and start once more getting the results you’re looking for. Contact Site Impact to hear how we keep our database hot all year ‘round.