Brands Everywhere Try To Find Their Footing In An Unstable Recovery September 16, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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In light of a global pandemic and the crisis that has come along with it, it’s not surprising that businesses are finding it difficult to get--and keep--things on-track. Especially in the domain of email marketing, brands have reported difficulties with fluctuating priorities, changing consumer reactions, and uncertain capacities. Site Impact’s experts know that it is a scary time, still, for us all; but right now is a good time to be leaning into email as your best contact channel with prospects and leads.


Brands struggle with hitting the right notes on email

Email marketing has been a lifeline for many businesses as the crisis surrounding a global pandemic has raged. But for a lot of brands, it can be difficult to plan around the recovery efforts and the continued need to adapt to restrictions. It’s hard to know whether to announce reopenings when there’s a possibility of new restrictions to follow. Businesses are working hard to adapt to changing, shifting priorities and the risks that come along with them; according to several studies, SMBs are finding it particularly difficult to keep their prospects and current customers informed while striking the balance in regards to tone. The good thing about email marketing in this regard is that it is easy to adapt and change and tailor approaches as data comes in--but this does depend on the level of risk that brands are willing to take, and that tolerance for risk is going down sharply.


Brands who leaned into email early are seeing advantages

While some businesses cut back on marketing spend across the board once quarantines and lockdowns began rolling out, other brands went all-in on staying in touch with prospects and leads; these brands are the ones seeing the biggest recovery in regards to email performance and the engagement--and revenues--that come with it. Businesses that kept in touch even when there wasn’t a strong prospect of immediate conversions have seen a lot of engagement with their emails now that there are more options for consumers regarding getting out and buying things again. However, those that cut back early on aren’t doomed; it’s just that there’s a big catch-up game to play to get consumers back onboard and re-win their interest and loyalty.


It’s no surprise that businesses--especially SMBs--are finding it hard to confidently find strategies for email marketing as the Covid-19 crisis increasingly roots itself as a long-term feature of all of our daily lives. Brands that are risk-averse are really hurting--and those that initially cut back on marketing efforts, especially email, are struggling even more to find the right tempo and approach for their comebacks. But with a little more tolerance for risk and a little bit of catching up and value-added content, it’s possible to work out a strategy that will help your business get things rolling smoothly again. Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help you reach out to your best audiences.