Save Time, Energy, and Resources with Templates September 01, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Though every email your customers receive should have its own unique personality, offerings, and distinctive design, properly utilizing templates to help create your email campaigns can help you save time, frustration, and energy; all while still creating killer email content. By putting templates in place, you can focus on distinctive details that make a difference in your campaign’s performance, more easily automate emails, and create a library of content for your drip campaigns. The key is to ensure that your templates are built for success.

In order to effectively use and deploy ready-made templates, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right templates.  The proper ones will help you with all of the aforementioned advantages, but a poorly chosen template can actually cause you more trouble than no template at all. Stick with your standard best practices for formatting your email marketing creative and take into account your existing data on which content performs best with your particular audience as your starting point. With these items in mind, you should choose templates based on the reading habits of your consumers and work outward from there. Use the template as a standard base to plug in best design practices, relevant content, strong CTAs, and design elements that make the template brand-owned and distinctly yours.  

Don’t get stuck with one template. The best marketers know that they need an assortment of templates for various purposes and different times of year. Beyond creative elements that are specific to seasons, specific templates should be used for different types of announcements and content. Create a handful of templates that your team can use in a variety of situations to save time in the long run. Templates will help your team, but only if they are properly developed in accordance with best practices. Even though templates save you time, account for time to make each template look and feel distinct. 

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