The Rise of Consumer Engagement is Good News for Email Marketers September 08, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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With the challenges that email marketers are facing with new privacy laws, software updates, and an increasingly cluttered digital space, it’s nice to receive some positive news on the email marketing front. With so many changes in the world this past year, shifts in communications and behavioral patterns were placed on a fast track. Some of the changes have created key shifts that will likely impact email marketing now and in the future. 

Consumer behavior is always evolving, and never has this happened so quickly than in the past year.  With the sudden move of people working remotely from home, businesses and marketers saw more people spending additional, actively engaged hours in front of their computer screen. Without office eyes and distractions, consumers were more engaged and likely to click-through CTAs on desktop screens, rather than mobile devices. Though marketers should always, always optimize their email content for remote users, understanding that users are likely viewing their emails on larger screens allows marketers to plan accordingly. Marketers and companies should have taken this past year to analyze data and behavioral patterns as the work force moved into home offices. Did analytics show that people were opening their personal emails more frequently or at different days and times? 

Additionally, without the hassle and time of a commute to the office, many consumers are able to check their emails and browse the web more than ever, offering genuine opportunities for email marketers and smart businesses. The best marketers can always identify these behavioral shifts and can quickly adjust to changing conditions. It seems like much of the world will continue to work from home, and marketers should keep this in mind when creating their content, scheduling their emails, and strategizing their communication plans. 

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