Facebook Went Offline: What To Do Should It Happen Again October 11, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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With Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all going completely offline for six hours this week, many marketers faced a pause in a huge aspect of their marketing strategy. Campaigns, announcements, and content were put on hold, and though the issue has been resolved, many marketers understand the importance of having an omni channel marketing approach. 

Should social media platforms go offline again in the future, businesses should be prepared to still be able to effectively reach their customers and a great way to do this is to diversify your marketing platforms, and ensure that this includes a strong email marketing strategy.


Though many companies favor a specific social media platform, it’s wise to ensure that you have platforms from different companies. For example, by employing Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, or YouTube, you can ensure that you still have a social media channel to use should any of them go down. 


This week’s Facebook outage highlighted the importance of having a strong database list and ongoing email communication with your customers. In addition to having greater control over your list of subscribers, emails can be more customizable, are not limited to a specific number of characters, and can be far more customizable through personalization and segmentation.


The best marketers know that utilizing various marketing channels is the best way to ensure your messages are delivered and your target audiences are reached. A solid email marketing strategy can compliment social media channels, paid advertising, and public relations efforts.


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