The Power of Loyalty Programs November 08, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Creating brand loyalty, which is defined as “when a customer feels connected to a brand, leading them to choose its products over others,” can help companies retain long-term customers in today’s overly saturated market. Loyal customers will shop with their favorite brands not because of price or discounts, but because they trust in that brand and have an emotional connection to it. Brand loyalty programs have been around forever, but new technologies and email marketing has helped  make building loyalty with customers easier, quicker, and much more effective. When building their loyalty programs, it’s important to start with key main objectives: offer value to the customer, encourage and reward repeat behavior, create exclusivity for your loyal customers, and create an emotional connection. 

Companies can reward loyalty points for dollars spent, completing activities such as writing reviews, referring friends, or opting in to email subscription lists, and these reward points or offerings will not only encourage customers to purchase through your brand rather than a competitor, but also provides incentive for customers to become more connected to a specific brand. 

Another way to help build brand loyalty is to make consumers feel like they are valued by a company. The most successful loyalty programs in the world offer rewards and points that encourage users to spend at their stores, they also manage to make customers feel like VIPs through sales offered exclusively to loyal customers, special offers, and exclusive discounts. 

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