Ensure You’re Always Evolving November 10, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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With digital technologies and email marketing capabilities always evolving, top marketers understand that the most effective ways to reach consumers are never static. Email platforms create improved methods of targeting and reaching consumers, and the best marketers are always evolving their strategies, A/B testing, and analyzing data. Here are some of today’s most cutting-edge email strategies, but it’s imperative to always stay mindful of newly emerging.

It’s always important to follow privacy laws and regulations and adjust your email preferences and strategies accordingly. By staying compliant with laws, you’ll ensure that your company stays out of SPAM folders and doesn’t get flagged by your email service provider. 

We’ve discussed the importance of segmenting lists in order to best reach your markets, but it’s also key to remember how to use those lists effectively. Once you’ve selected your audiences, ensure that the copy in your communications is written with those audiences in mind. The different audiences will have different interests, pain points, and needs. 

A good marketer is always forward thinking and realizes that current events can, and should, impact your messaging. Companies releasing statements in times of turmoil or tragedy will want to tweak their tone  in order to be sensitive and not come across as tone deaf. 

Marketing is always in beta mode and the best marketers are able to adjust to real world situations and evolving landscapes. Ready to ensure your marketing efforts are up to date? Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help.