After the Click Through… The Importance of Landing Pages November 22, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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When creating an omnichannel marketing approach, it’s key to ensure that all channels work together cohesively. Marketers know that when crafting email content and campaigns, the sales cycle doesn’t stop with the click-through. Just as much a part of the journey as the email itself, a company’s website or landing page should have all of the necessary components needed to engage and optimize opportunities. Websites, particularly home and landing pages, serve as a company’s entrance where users decide if they want to stay a while or leave immediately. If the landing page is poorly crafted, then all of the time and effort spent on the emails to drive customers there is a waste. 

A properly designed page should engage, educate, and entice its readers. When a user clicks through to a website, the user should have a clear overview on the company’s offerings in approximately three seconds. This is why a proper headline is imperative. The best ones are concise yet informative, and should always be written with the company’s tone and  brand pillars in mind. With headlines needing to be short and simple, subheadlines can help companies further supplement information and go more in-depth on what makes your product or service needed. Top companies often identify and address their user’s common pain points as a way to engage their interest.  

Now that you have captured your user’s attention, it’s time to keep moving them through the sales funnel with compelling calls to actions. Whether this is a sales conversion, appointment scheduling, or sign-up list, this is where the company can measure success and see ROI. The best calls to action are visually compelling and offer value to the customers in exchange for the action. Once the action is completed, then company’s can set up drip campaigns to stay in contact with customers and create brand loyalty.

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