Review Request Email Campaigns January 20, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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When crafting your overall content calendar, it’s important to diversify your content. Always sending new sales, promotions, or announcements can often get boring to clients and can feel far too much like sales pitches. The best email strategies are ones that use a variety of content, such as incentive emails, thank you emails, and even birthday emails. Another email angle that is great for consumer engagement is the review request email.

Used to garner feedback and ask for the opinions customers have about your products and services, this type of content gives customers opportunities to voice their ideas on how you can serve them better. Not only will it provide your team with valuable and honest feedback, but customers will feel appreciated and valued, gaining long-term customers and  consumer engagement. 

A popular way to send these emails is to incentivize customers to offer their feedback. Giving them discounts on future purchases can increase your sales and potentially offload overstocked products.

A key note, however, is that companies should never collect opinions without follow up actions. Customers who give their feedback want to see actions following their reviews. Further gain customer trust, and increase your customers’ experiences, by truly analyzing and setting action plans to best remedy criticism and highlight compliments. 

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