Wow Your Subscribers with these Quick and Easy Email Marketing Practices July 25, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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With a whopping 61% of consumers reporting that they prefer email as their channel of choice to connect with brands, and millennials averaging over six hours a day using email, it’s clear that email marketing is still one of the most powerful and preferred channels to reach your consumers. Connecting with customers and converting your conversations to sales is easy available through email, but implementing best practices to gain notice, capture clicks, and generate buzz must be applied before you hit send. With these simple and easy tips, you’ll be able to not only capture interest, but build long-lasting and loyal customers.

By catering to your audience and making them feel special, you will be able to build brand loyalty and gain an edge over your competition. Send personalized content that lets you know that you’re thinking of them. This means that it’s impersonal to reach out only when you have an occasion, sale, or announcement. Instead, send emails that are custom tailored to each specific user and their life. Mark special occasions, such as birthdays, customer anniversaries, and follow up emails to their previous purchases. By showing your customer you care about them, their milestones, and their customer journey, you will help build a bond between the brand and the consumer.

Another best practice is to allow your subscribers to set preferences on how often they hear from you. By placing the ball in their court and allowing them to choose how they receive your coent, you will not only increase your subscribe rate, but you will set yourself up for long term success and less unsubscribe or spam clicks in the future.

One of the most simple and important practices that will keep you in accordance with CAN-SPAM (a legislation for all email marketers in the U.S.) is to avoid using 'No-Reply' in the sender's email address. "No reply" in an email message prevents recipients from responding and opting out of further emails, which is protected by CAN-SPAM. By simply having your emails come from a specific name you will not only be compliant, but you are likely to increase your open rate. 

Instead, have your automated emails come from a first name (for example, Your customers are much more likely to open emails if they know they were written by a human being and it keeps you compliant with email regulations.

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