How Scheduling Can Improve Your Deliverability August 02, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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The most successful email marketers know that the platform is ever evolving and that it’s important to always improve your strategies. By consistently reviewing your work, searching for points of improvement, and implementing new tactics, you can be sure that your email marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

With so many emails hitting inboxes daily, creating exceptional emails that stand out can be a challenge. One way to level up your strategy is to create a schedule for your outgoing emails. Not being punctual with your emails can cause customers to find other options, forget your brand, and lose an emotional connection to your company. By sending emails on a set schedule you will improve your email deliverability, and you're less likely to be categorized as a spammer. Spammers and amateurs have a habit of  sending emails haphazardly and hitting inboxes at odd times. By setting a schedule, you won’t resemble a spammer, the better your sender score is and the more likely you are to reach the inbox.

Consistency is one of the top keys to email success, and when the content that is consistently sent is also valuable and engaging, you’ll set yourself up for email marketing success.

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