Why the Whitelist is So Important August 04, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Though it may seem tricky, it’s important to try and get whitelisted by as many of your subscribers as possible. Achieving this will ensure that all of the time, effort, and energy you spent crafting an email will reach your users’ inboxes. Being whitelisted, or marked as an approved sender, will ensure that you can bypass the automated tabs that often hide your content from the most prominent and accessible section of the inbox. 

If a customer has chosen to opt in to your subscriber list,  it often means that they would like to receive your messaging and communications, so asking them to whitelist you at the time they are signing up is often the easiest to convert. Additionally, it’s a first step to creating a sense of engagement and customer trust. Many customers don’t understand that this filter exists so creating an automated email that includes easy to follow instructions, a clear call to action, and a reason to whitelist you often results in a win. Once you have received whitelist status, keep your customer’s trust by sending them personalized, valuable, and engaging content. 

WIth email marketing and service providers always updating their services, algorithms, and rules, getting whitelisted and growing a personalized customer relationship will provide long-term sustainability and improve your bounce rate. 

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